This is part of my Swift Decluttering For Clothes.

One reader asked:

Should you keep clothes that still have tags on them?

This is a good question. And it really depends on your situation.

Here are the swift decluttering guidelines, practices, and considerations for keeping clothes with tags.


  1. Only keep things you love. Ask, “Would I buy this in the store today?”
  2. Get rid of unnecessary duplicates. You probably don’t need 6 winter coats or 64 workout shirts. But keeping 1 winter coat and 7 exercise shirts is reasonable.


  1. Your bedroom closet is for clothes that fit and are ready to wear. If you won’t actually wear certain items, they don’t belong in your closet. Get rid of them.


  1. How much money do you have? If money is tight, keep more clothes.
  2. How much space do you have? If space is tight, keep fewer items.
  3. Is it hard to find clothes for your body shape/size? If so, keep more.
  4. Do you need different kinds of clothes, e.g., work and exercise? The more types you need, the more you should store.

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