We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
— Albert Einstein

Mental Models to Understand Yourself

  1. You Are Special
  2. You Have Basic Needs
  3. You Need Attention
  4. You Need Validation
  5. You Need To Be Needed
  6. Your Negative Feelings Come From Unmet Needs
  7. You Are Responsible For Meeting Your Needs
  8. No One Knows What You’re Thinking
  9. Our Thoughts Shape Our Relationships
  10. Craving Never Stops, And My Potato Chip Addiction
  11. What’s The Purpose Of Your Life?

Be A Good Human

  1. Why People Behave Badly
  2. Want To Improve Your Relationships? “Chocolate And Flowers” Is Not The Answer! (The Separation Of Tasks Will Change Your Life)
  3. Validate Peoples’ Feelings
  4. Why I Named My Ego Taz
  5. Names Matter
  6. The Veto Strategy: How My Wife And I Make Decisions

Sleep Matters

  1. Sleep Deprivation Made College Miserable
  2. Things That Help Me Sleep

How I Manage Anxiety

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert on anxiety. I didn’t study psychology in college, and I am not a licensed clinician. If you struggle with anxiety, seek professional help. If you’re not sure if you need it, seek professional help anyway.

  1. The Anxiety Jar - How I Think About The Intensity Of My Anxiety
  2. I “Look Forward And Reason Backward”
  3. I Limit Caffeine
  4. I Don’t Follow Sports
  5. I Don’t Watch Certain TV Shows
  6. I Limit Social Media
  7. I Avoid Fruitless Debates

Get Organized

  1. I Created A Home For All Of My Stuff
  2. How A Grocery Shopping List Saves Me Time, Money, and Pounds

Mental Models about Productivity

  1. 12 Practices That Keep Me In The Circle of Control
  2. Here’s What I Do When I Feel Stuck On A New Project
  3. The Questions I Ask When Starting New Project At Work


  1. Why I Don’t Rate Books On Goodreads


  1. 8 Ways To Get Your Kid To Read More Books
  2. Conversations With My 8-year-old Son