This is part of my series on Mental Models to Understand Yourself

You are special.

You are unique.

You are unlike anyone in the history of your country. Or the world. Or the universe.

You have a combination of skills, talents, and life experiences that will never be seen again. Ever.

You are special.

You have a place in this world. A place that’s just for you.

Now, if you don’t feel special yet, if you don’t feel the magnitude of what makes you incredible, that’s ok. If you haven’t found your place, that’s ok, too.

It’s because you haven’t found your true calling. Your life’s work.

But you will.

Give it time. You will.

Want a shortcut to find your calling?

Make your world a better place. I don’t mean the whole world, as in planet Earth, but your world: the one you come in contact with daily. Make life just a little bit better for the people within your sphere of influence. Use your skills, intelligence, and wisdom to improve others’ lives. Apply your strength, knowledge, and tradecraft to ease the burdens carried by others.

Do this, and you will find your calling.

And you will find your place.

Or they will find you.

And then, you will feel how special you really are.